Composing a musician's bio is no small feat, and even those with a background in journalism can find themselves struggling to capture a composer's essence. But Robert W. Rust is not just any composer - he is a man with a passion for creating exciting and innovative music.
Robert's story begins in Springfield, Oregon - a town known more for cartoon characters than classical compositions. Despite growing up in a family that placed little value on the arts, Robert's curiosity and dedication led him to take up the viola at age 12, the piano at age 15, and composing at 16. From the beginning, he has held himself to a high standard of quality and novelty in his music, a principle that has guided his collaborations with instrumentalists and vocalists, as well as his work for visual media.
But Robert's true artistic calling came when he discovered the work of Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. Inspired by Pärt's serene and contemplative beauty, Robert has made it his ongoing mission to honor the composer's legacy through research, composition, and advocacy. In doing so, he has found his own voice as a composer, one that resonates with audiences far and wide.
For Robert, music is more than just an art form - it is a way of connecting with something deeper and more profound. He finds his inspiration in texts, and the Bible is one of his closest companions when it comes to composing. His translations of the text into music serve as both a musical expression of the text and as a personal prayer from the composer.
While Robert's dedication to his art is impressive, it is his talent as a teacher that truly sets him apart. After completing a degree in piano pedagogy at The Master's University, he has shared his knowledge and passion for music with students of all ages, both in person and online.
Robert's musical education is as diverse as his creative pursuits, with studies at The Master's University, Vermont College of Fine Arts, and Berklee College of Music Online. He has been guided by a veritable who's who of musical luminaries, including Gary Kuo, Ben Mason, Lainie Fefferman, Ben Newhouse, and Grant Fonda. In addition, Robert is a skilled music engraver and editor, with experience in preparing scores and parts for traditional music publication and recording sessions.
Despite his many accomplishments, Robert is a man of varied interests and talents. He can often be found indulging in his love of chess, hiking, cooking, and learning new skills. And when he needs to unwind, he turns to his feline companions and the occasional binge-watch of The Office.
In short, Robert W. Rust is a composer of exceptional talent and vision, with a dedication to his craft and a passion for sharing his love of music with others.
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